1. All customers receive a web gallery within a few days for initial viewing. In addition a keepsake viewing book will be printed when the minimum print purchase of $325 is paid the day of the session. The $325 is a deposit and will apply towards your product purchase. The viewing book will be mailed to your home and usually arrives within two weeks of the session.

2. The session fee($120) is paid for the session and does not apply to your minimum purchase. The minimum print purchase after the session fee is $325. So the minimum investment is $450. Please contact me for my full price sheet.

3. Clients are responsible for providing the photographer the school senior picture requirements and ordering the image in time to meet any deadline. Senior photo files are ordered separately from any products and are usually submitted within a few days from ordering. Senior photos are not submitted until the session fee($120) and minimum print purchase($325) has been paid in full.

4. No deposit is required to book your session.

5. The makeup artist is paid separately from the photographer. Her fee is $100 for make-up and $120 for make-up and hair.

6. Clients change from 1-4 times for a session. Brings lots of choices and the final clothes will be picked the day of your session. Your clothes should represent you and help you feel good. Clothing should follow the seasons but variety is good.

7. Ordering is done via email or in person during an ordering appointment.

8. There are a variety of print and digital options. The most popular product is the thumb drive of printable images.

9. Orders are complete within 2-5 weeks.

10. Bring a friend or family if you’d like but being watched during a session can sometimes be harder than clients expect.

11. Cash, checks, and most major credit cards accepted.